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Emily Benz

Verkauf Einfamilienhaus, Speicher
«I am a widow. When the time came to sell my one family house in Speicher I needed to find the best agent possible. I knew that working with the right agent can make all the difference in a real estate transaction and so I subsequently spoke with 5 possible candidates. No one was better qualified than Hugo Steiner AG. Their level of excellence was head and shoulders above the rest. They knew the market and area better than anyone else and had solid knowledge of construction techniques. Their knowledge is multi-faceted and they have the needed insight and expertise. Herr Robert Mazenauer and Herr Fabrizio Facchin were kind, pleasant, understanding,  patient and highly professional and they earned my trust and confidence from the beginning. They gave me guidance and support in every way. They made me feel that their schedule was always open to me. Whether buying or selling real estate they are the people to go to. Their highest priority is their client. And they helped me with every step of the process.  They have a level of excellence that cannot be topped and they are easy to work with. While it may not seem that the listing agent mattered, let me tell you, it does. Within a week they had sold the house and gotten me a good price for it. I can only recommend them to all buyers and sellers.» 

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